Latest Stuff:

March 17, 2024: Added texts by Renzo Novatore and Harold Johnson to the archive

January 16, 2024: Started a section of other people's short stories I like

August 26, 2023: Made tempeh for the first time!

November 10, 2022: Started a recipes section

Sept 15th, 2022: Shrine to 90s characters with Circular Sunglasses!


I like to make music, 3d, games, websites, zines, comics, videos, plants. I made weird art games with the people in AAA Software for several years. I like to make quake 1 single-player maps as part of the very active mapping community. I'm very interested in lofi 'retro' 3d

comic panel where dilbert says he is playing 'quake'
[Dilbert's creator is a freaky trump voting oddball who sucks]

"dante scanline"

I chose this nickname for making quake maps originally, because i wanted a 2000s era 'edgy' internet handle that also sounded kinda stupid. Now i'm stuck with it.

Personal Values

I strongly value open source and am a copyright abolitionist. I think software should serve people and not the other way around. I am an anarchist 🏴.

giant cool image font that says: this website made with HTML and CSS

'cheems' shiba pro and con image format between "DIY WEB REVIVAL" and "professional modern internet"

      the DIY WEB REVIVAL side is delightful and covered in tiny gifs and colors, it preaches the values of a home build web with custom fonts and sparkles, the beauty of art, tiny websites with thousands of friends
      the professional side is just white background and black text and laments the lack of customization. 'sorry your license expired' 'no gifs allowed but constant autoplay ads' 'use css to reset elements back to a flat and boring look'

Placeholder Junk

Here's some pretty pictures until I make a proper site